Dear visitors,

The number of visitors is limited due to the measures in force. In case you have to wait to enter the shopping center or store, we ask for your patience and understanding.

In the Supernova Qlandia Kamnik shopping center, all stores are closed, with the exception of:

grocery stores, including the sale of agricultural products on farms, pharmacies, medical and orthopedic supply stores, drugstores, pet food stores, garden and agriculture program stores, florists, nurseries and horticulture, stores that predominantly sell construction and installation materials, banks, insurance services, newsagents and kiosks for the sale of newspapers and magazines.

For more information about closed stores click here.

Customized opening hours


mon-sat: 8.00 - 20:30

MÜLLERmon-sat: 8.00 - 20:30
DMmon-sat: 8.00 - 20:30
SANOLABORmon-sat: 8.00 - 20:00
ROŽCARmon-sat: 8.00 - 20:00
TELEKOM - EVITELmon-sat: 8.00 - 18:00
BAGS&MOREmon-sat: 9.00 - 20:00


The working hours listed on the "Working hours" subpage and on subpage of an individual store are temporarily invalid. The above working hours apply until further changes.

When visiting, follow the tips for safe shopping (mandatory mask, maintaining a safe distance, cough hygiene, regular hand disinfection). Please note that in all open stores the rule applies: a maximum of 1 customer per 30 square meters.

Let's protect each other and be respectful to others. Thank you to everyone who respect the safety measures as we create a safe environment for others together.